About Us

Lundy Jane’s Boutique, founded in 2012 by Becky Lundy and Loree Jane Selman, is an online ladies clothing boutique with a southern flair.

We are country girls from a small town in Georgia, and love to dress up and go out for dinner, concerts, and parties. Before we opened Lundy Jane’s, we realized that it was difficult to find trendy clothes that fit our body types – everything was too young, tight, or revealing. Since we were constantly complaining about not being able to find any boutique clothes we liked while shopping at the major department stores, we knew it was time to do something about it. So, we decided to start our own business and provide a variety of boutique clothing for all occasions.

At Lundy Jane’s Boutique, it’s our goal to offer clothing for a variety of occasions – your casual days and the party or date night on the weekend. We believe it’s important to offer plus size girls that same variety. We are average sized girls and we know exactly how it feels to not be able to find clothes that are cute, trendy, and most importantly, clothes that fit well and make you feel good, so that’s why we also carry a great selection of plus size boutique clothing.

“Lundy Jane’s Boutique” came from merging our names, Becky Lundy and Loree Jane Selman. Becky is more of the fashionista and has always dreamed of owning her own boutique. Loree is a risk taker and talented entrepreneur with experience in sales and customer service. Both Becky and Loree work in the dental field as well. We love this business and appreciate your support!